A look inside my brain. I like old timey things, and music. I have saltwater in my veins. I see humans, but no humanity.▲☯

Reblog this and see what you get.

1:You’re ugly.
2:I hate your tumblr.
3:I love your tumblr.
4:You’re my Tumblr crush.
5:Your Tumblr is amazing.
6:You’re hot.
7:You’re gorgeous.
8:You’re pretty.
9:I want your number.
10:I’m on your blog often.
11:I want you.
12:You're lovely.
13:You're fucking sexy.
14:I want to hug you.
15:Let me love you.
16:Hit me up<p>Go for it</p>

Unknown (via mrsfscottfitzgerald)

I don’t fear commitment. I fear wasting my time.
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Reblog this and see what you get.

  • 1: You’re ugly.
  • 2: I hate your tumblr.
  • 3: I love your tumblr.
  • 4: You’re my Tumblr crush.
  • 5: Your Tumblr is amazing.
  • 6: You’re hot.
  • 7: You’re gorgeous.
  • 8: You’re pretty.
  • 9: I want your number.
  • 10: I’m on your blog often.
  • 11: I want you.
  • 12: You're lovely.
  • 13: You're fucking sexy.
  • 14: I want to hug you.
  • 15: Let me love you.
  • 16: Hit me up<p>Go for it</p>